Team Training at Shields Park

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Today’s Inland Empire Bloodhounds Team Training was at Shields Park in Spokane, WA.

The video below features the finish of K9 Indie Anna and handler Jason McCollim in Trail Runner Kathy Maguire


This video features K9 Sookie and handler Jason McCollim on Trail Runner Kathy Maguire


The next video is K9 Nellie with handler Ron Schell and Trail Runner Mike Maguire in a tree!


Below is the trail K9 Daisy and Mike Maguire.  A single blind for Daisy and Mike for  735 meters at 1 hour old. Sarah (runner) on pink and Daisy in blue

Mike and Daisy Bloodhound Trail 1-27-13


K9 Daisy and handler Mike Maguire at the finish with their quarry, Sarah!

Daisy Bloodhound Shield January 2013

K9 Bella and Handler Brian Gilbert rallied through a heavily contaminated trail and found their quarry!


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