Our Mission

Inland Empire Bloodhounds Search and Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer based organization that provides professionally trained bloodhounds and certified handlers for assistance in search and rescue operations.

We are a volunteer based, non-profit organization that responds with our trained bloodhounds to various emergency situations including lost children, hikers, hunters, elderly who may have wandered away and Alzheimer’s patients.

We are committed individuals who have chosen to serve our community and surrounding areas.

Our dogs are not only used as search dogs. Some are trained for obedience and conformation competition. Others visit schools to help educate children about the dogs role in searches.

The bloodhound handler takes this opportunity to speak to children about how to avoid getting lost and what to do if they are lost. We often take our bloodhounds to community events such as fairs, festivals and parades.

These events allow the public to become aware that this community resource exists for their potential use.

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